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Welcome to ImageMatch Desktop

Your powerful image matching application

ImageMatch Desktop is an application designed for efficient image matching and retrieval. It provides a user-friendly interface to match and manage jewelry items based on their visual characteristics.

Checkout the full functionality of ImageMatch Desktop by watching this demo video.

Key Features

Image Match Interface
Fast and Accurate Image Matching

Experience lightning-fast and accurate image matching with advanced algorithms that power ImageMatch Desktop.

Main Interface
Intuitive User Interface

Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed for seamless navigation and effortless interaction.

Inventory Management Interface
Database Management

Efficiently manage your jewelry items and locations with robust database management tools integrated into ImageMatch Desktop.

Feature 4 Image
Image Upload

Easily add new jewelry items to your database by uploading images with our streamlined image upload feature.

About Us

ImageMatch Desktop was born out of a passion for simplifying image matching and retrieval, inspired by the need for a powerful tool in the realm of jewelry management. The project started its journey during my time at Holberton School as part of the Portfolio Project.

The journey began with ideation, followed by careful planning and countless lines of code. Over weeks of development, testing, and refining, ImageMatch Desktop evolved into the robust application it is today.

Meet the Team

Enoch Taylor
LinkedIn: taylor-enoch-6176177a
GitHub: tay121222
Twitter: @tay121222

GitHub Repository

Explore the project on GitHub.


Main Dashboard
Main Interface: The main interface presents three primary buttons for image upload, image match, and inventory management. Each button leads to a specific module within the application.
Image Upload Interface
Image Upload Interface: Seamlessly upload your jewelry images with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Image Matching Interface
Image Matching Interface: Witness the power of advanced image matching algorithms in action.
Inventory Management Interface
Inventory Management Interface: Effortlessly manage and organize your jewelry items with our comprehensive inventory tools.
Location Management Interface
Location Management Interface: Keep track of where your jewelry items are located with our easy-to-use location management features.